Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Getting Back Into It... That Would Be Making It... Art, I Mean

It's been months since I did anything even remotely creative.  I have been concentrating on working out and changing the landscape of my body since the beginning of March 2013.  Everything else has taken a back seat to my body modification project.  So far, I have lost 45 pounds and about 35 inches overall.  I took beginning photos of myself, and my son just took photos of me just yesterday.  I have been keeping track of my weight and my measurements for about 6 months now, so I have plenty of info to start on this new record of my progress.  I am about a third of the way to goal... another 60 pounds and I think I'll be closer to my internal image of what I want. 

I have had this idea of making a "Body Journal" for quite awhile and finally got the book sewn together.  I took a vintage photo album cover and turned it into my cover.  Three signatures of water color paper and now it's ready to be used.  Just have to start painting and gesso-ing the pages.  It will be cool to have a visual record of this long and challenging journey.

 Cover, measurements and inspirational text to include in my Body Journal

Inside pages

 Spine with exposed stitching... long strings will have beads attached

The second art project has been recycling security envelopes and vintage photos into frame-able art pieces. These are the first stages - with more embellishment to follow.  Have an art show coming up in November, so I've got to hustle on these....

Vertical format - love the bright colors

Women and Children

Horizontal format - more muted tones.

All for today, my lovelies...
see you soon <3 p="">