Monday, February 18, 2013

Venice 2014

here are a few photos of my travel journal for the trip I want to take to venice in 2014.  this is my ticket to venice journal for the on-line class that mary ann moss taught - 
great class with all kinds of videos!!

i used a vintage photo album cover  - which i cut in half and then created a spine for

folded over - bones of the journal

here are six signatures - i ended up only using 5 and kind of rearranged them just a bit

half way through my diamond stitch binding

journal fully bound and fanned out - yeah!!

the cover

inside one of the signatures

painted page in one of the five signatures

recycled calendar page and some scrapbook paper

i will finish up tomorrow by making the closure and filling the pockets with ephemera to put in the journal when i take my trip...  feels good to have this put together.

i'll show a few more photos when it's all prepped for the trip :-)

ciao for now babies,


  1. Gorgeous cover. Love your pages. So excited you'll be traveling to Venice. Wishing you fun in your planning.

  2. I love it! Hope we get to see more as you fill up the pages!

  3. That cover is so special. Very coureagous to cut it in two with the best result! Lovely signatures... Maybe 2015 will be your Venice year!

  4. How exciting - and so nice to have your trip for anticipation!