Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!

After much thought I decided to start the new year off by making a change. Change is good right? We resist it so much of the time, afraid of what the unknown will look like. My first change is this blog. It's a new beginning and feels so good!! I can once again express myself without editing my thoughts and feelings.

If you followed me here from the other blog you will know that my entries were sporadic over the course of the last few months. For personal reasons (which I won't go into) I didn't feel as if I could post often or say what I really wanted to. This will be the place that I hope to change that. I will be posting more frequently, sharing more of my thoughts and my posting my art. My goal will be to post almost daily and to upload artwork weekly - although I have to admit that I do like to post art with every writing post. We'll see how that goes :-))

For today I will show you two art journaling entries that I played with on Boxing Day. My kids were with their Dad, so I spent the whole day just playing in my journal. Which after a long, stale dry period felt very good. These do not have any actual journaling on them yet, just the art.

This one has a label I removed from a bottle of wine - thought it was kind of cool. The brown stripes in the middle come from a bag from a store in the UK - I think it was a book store. The fabric tag was from a shirt - it got frayed after the vacuum cleaner got ahold of it, also kind of cool! I stamped the squares and diamond with an oversized stamp I picked up at a thrift store, just added outlines to them. I will journal on these pages later when the mood strikes me, or not :-))

The two elements in this one were the illustration of the girl and the seagull - gleaned from an old 1940's children's book I've had for years. I always loved her hairstyle and saved her for just the right moment. When I found a book in the thrift store (that I am repurposing into a journal) I ripped the spine from the book jacket and put it on the page partnered with the girl. I imagined her saying "I'm a stranger here myself". Added layers of patterned paper, gesso, paint and bit of stamping and finally made the lines for journaling later. I made the lines using a bamboo skewer dipped in black paint, gently touched to the page to make the lines.

All for tonight my lovelies... off to the festivies :-) kim xoxoxoxo

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