Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day One of 2011

Well, a new year has begun... and it was a very productive day! The tree is down, the cards are filed, the decorations are packed away and the house looks clean and uncluttered. It feels nice, although normally I am a bit sad to see the end of the season. This year I am pleased to be moving on to a new and fresh year.

In my journaling group each year some of the members choose a word of intention for the year. I have been waffling about what word to pick... love, prosperity, reach or freedom. I think I am going to select REACH - it will cover so many things. I'll reach for more love, more prosperity, more freedom. I'd also like to reach for more things outside my comfort zone - in life and artwork. I want this year to be more productive, which will require reaching into my energy reserves.

So, for today I will be reaching out in my blog to make more frequent entries and more art postings. This journal entry is about my daughter and her poetry. Picasso's art is on loan to exhibit here at the Seattle Art Museum. The youngest went ,with her English class, in October to view all the art and the class brief was to write a poem about the art they viewed.

She was selected by WITS (along with 14 other high school students from the district) to read her Picasso inspired poem at SAM 's Teen Night out in December. Each student took to the stage and read to a really nice sized audience. Her poem was inspired by Picasso's "Man with Violin" I got to tour the exhibit for free as her guest. His artwork was so diverse and quite stunning - so inspiring!!

I've also put some new things in my store yesterday... go check it out -

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Lots of fun things for making Mary Ann Moss inspired ROD journal's or just plain art journaling.
All for today my lovelies,


  1. I'm so glad you have settled on a new blog place that feels safe for you and away from prying eyes. Your word really does cover many things -- great choice! Mine is trust - to believe and not worry or try to control. Just trust. That is difficult for me. I took down the tree today too. My allergies couldn't handle another day!

  2. Love your new blog! Looking forward to creating with you on your yahoo group in 2011. 2010 was a lot of fun and I'm sure 2011 can only be better. Take Care,