Friday, February 11, 2011

Channeling Peaceful Resistance

No art to post today, just a few thoughts...

As I was listening to the news over the course of the last 48 hours I said a little prayer for the protesters in Egypt. Stay calm, stay focused and please, please don't react with violence!! Yesterday there was anger after the disappointing speech by Mubarak, but by Friday they seemed to become even more determined and focused.

And then the news that he was indeed gone! The streets of Cairo were rocking with joy - their mostly non-violent protest had brought about the change that they demanded. There was literally dancing in the street!

I am still amazed by this whole thing - so many times in the past these sorts of demonstrations have been squashed with violence and tyranny. It seems that this world is getting smaller and just a bit more transparent with the instant exposure of Facebook, Twitter and the Internet. Things that were once easily buried are broadcast worldwide with the simple push of a button on a cell phone - so mind boggling!

Even with all that technology in action, I still had the sense (maybe hope) that all those educated students were channeling the message of non-violent resistance espoused by Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King all those years ago. Even in the face of violence they resisted the temptation to respond in kind.

They lifted their voices as a united body! Sent a message to the world and we listened.

Now the hard work begins for a newly born nation.

I wish the people of Egypt peace and strength for the journey.

All for tonight my lovelies,

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