Sunday, February 6, 2011

Winter Ball and a Bit of ROD

My son went to his first dance - the Winter Ball. We bought a suit, white shirt, tie and a corsage for his date. He came home to get ready, so I got to take pictures of him and the three beauties he escorted to this yearly event.

This is the corsage that his sister helped him design - she had been with E when she shopped for her dress, so it had to match. She also helped him pick out the suit and tie.

The beautiful A, E and J with my own lovely boy. E on his left is his date and the other two are his good friends. He has a lot of friends who are girls - even had me take a picture of him to send to another girl friend who wasn't going to the ball. Just so darn cute!!

On another front - this is officially the weekend my two spend with their dad, so I had time to get creative. I am constructing another Remains of the Day journal - this I will be selling in my shop. It's not quite done - still have to sew the signatures into the cover. But here are a few peeks...

The front cover - Pretty in Pink

The front of the second signature - the back of this photo has all the
names written on the back. Very cool!!
Just another little peek inside the first signature - it's gonna be hard to part with this one.
But sometimes you just have to let go - right?

All for tonight my lovelies,


  1. What a great picture! I bet they all had a blast. Lovely journal - I love to find old pictures which someone took the time to label.

  2. Oh wow! Your remains of the day journal is awesome!! Very nice!!

    I also like the pic of the girls and your son. :-) Mostly though, it sounds like your son is a very thoughtful person - what a great quality to have! Good job raising him up!