Sunday, May 15, 2011

Art Reception a Great Success

Well, I am feeling a bit less pressure today :-)

The big student art show that I work on every year is almost done - we had our big artist reception last night. Met many of the artists this year - so many of them showed up to meet the public. It was a lot of fun - and plenty of great art. Many who came to view could not believe that it was all created by 15 - 18 year old students... I felt the same way.

And then there is always that urban experience that happens in the city - the local skate boarder boys and the homeless contingent dropped in and devoured the food and drink offered to the art show patrons. Great juxtopostion of culture and grunge :-)

The evening was filled with live music provided by the BHS Jazz Combo - they performed to rousing applause and gave the whole art show a very coooool vibe! Five boys and one girl - fabulous musicians!!

We had a special room for veiwing student produced films. Five films which were really intriguing and thoughtful. Matt Lawrence who is the head of this department is a wonderful teacher - positive, engaged and enthusiastic. He has sent many students to NYU Film School and his students continue to win national awards for their films. My daughter is in his program and loves it - NYU is her new goal!!

The films were -

HENRY by Amelia Elizalde, Levi Friedman, Sean Hendricks, Sheridan Koehler - about our local Ballard artist who paints murals on just about any open, used space. Playful works of art that our local Seattle Times art critic hates!! The film was a contrast of interviews between her and Henry.

BURSTING by Misko Crkon, Alex Johnston-Thomas, William Westgaard - a techno visual music video. Reminded me of a 1970's drug induced experience - really cool!

WITHOUT OUR CARS by Sydney Jarol, Dylan Miller, Ryan Zemke - about the bike community in Seattle and the movement to get people out of their cars.

REAL WORLD by Matt Law-Phipps, Tony Meyer, Ryan Zemke - a dramatic story about why it's important to get an education and enter the real world. You really cannot get a job when all you do it play with your Legos, video games and hang out with your friends :-)

REVERIE PORTAL by David Moore, Kenji Takada-Dill, Blair Scott - my fave!! An abstract film that follows a boy and a girl throught the woods to a door and heartbreak. The filming was beautiful with many interesting angles, shots and movement!

Last week a couple of us Art Boosters were interviewed by the Ballard News Tribune and I was quoted - kind of cool!!

Today it is once again raining - blah... it just doesn't seem to ever stop!! I
am going to hole up in my house and work in my journal - I have lots of
catching up to do.

All for today my lovelies,

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