Monday, May 30, 2011

New Art Attempt

This weekend has been very relaxing... three days of minimum work, no transporting kids, no cooking for kids - just me, myself and I. Spent the whole day yesterday working on my store and had one of my best sales days so far - very exciting!! Taking photos, uploading, packaging, and shipping - it's all very satisfying. I was hard at it until about 10pm and then I had to force myself to stop. Lots of new travel ephemera and a new batch of photo grab bags - check them out :-)

1965 Brochure for the Trans-Canada Highway - lovely

TWA City Map from the 1960's - very colorful inside with cool stewardess graphic images

Early 1900's authentic French Post card with a pretty long note on the back from an aunt to her nieces.

Today, I will be mowing the lawns today, going to get my passport photos taken downtown and then I'll be back to the business of art. Then a little creativity will continue... as in making some actual art. I am also finally trying to do some larger art pieces - just playing around at this point. Scraps, gesso, acrylic paint. I have been looking through my art journals for inspiration - this is what I have so far -

These are 12" x 12" plywood panels

I either painted with acrylic paint or gesso to start
Then I added a few scraps of papers. I will continue to add layers until I am satisfied :-)

I hope that you all have a lovely, creative day also my lovelies... kso xoxoxoxo

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