Tuesday, January 1, 2013

365 day project

2012 was not the most fabulous year - nothing bad happened.  it ended with a splutter  and never really got going the way i imagined it would.  just couldn't get focused on anything.  i always seemed to be running behind the bus. trying to catch it at the next stop.  i ended up feeling disconnected all year.

the boy is out of high school and still living at home. going to college locally.  working part-time.  so i am trying to navigate this parenting thing while not being an overbearing parent.  freedom with checking in - odd place to be. more new territory.

the girl has been a challenge.  i am a passenger on the teenage roller coaster ride and i am not enjoying the experience.  so this part of my life is very different from what i have with the boy.  still finding my way back to the little charmer she once was.

a lot of folks in the art groups i belong to are doing some sort of 365 day project for 2013 - thought i would too.  my 365 project will be to write daily letters to the boy and the girl.  not pages and pages - but little notes written on colorful paper and placed in a special box.  my notes will not be about the things they don't do, or the mistakes they make.  they will be notes of love, laughter, reminiscent thoughts of childhood, compassion and joy.  i hope to strengthen my relationship with the boy and to find a way back to the girl.

for myself there is a box to place my written notes of gratitude each day.  everyone needs a little love.

day one is under my belt... notes written and boxes delivered... 364 more.

peace to you -l

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  1. What a fabulous idea and I hope the love will be felt and received and returned. I think a lovely box for yourself would be lovely as well. Often we forget to treasure ourselves. Wishing you the happiest of New Years for 2013.