Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Bermuda Travel Journal

In December I enrolled in a class to be taught by Mary Ann Moss, of Dispatch from LA fame.  She entitled this class "Ticket to Venice" and you can find the link over on the sidebar.  The class involved constructing a travel journal from start to finish and travelling with Mary Ann as she took her winter holiday to Venice.  We tracked her adventures through her blog posts, emailed postcards and the videos she made while she was in Venice.  It was an amazing experience and has inspired me to start saving for my own trip to Venice in 2014.

My first travel journal for MAM's class is not for a trip to Venice - that will be my second one.  I am in the hunting and gathering stage for my Venice journal.

In the meantime, I need to finish this Bermuda Travel Journal...

This is my diamond binding stitch - which I am very pleased with!!

The cover is not done.  I think I will take some sand paper to it and make it a bit more weathered.  The foundation for the cover is a recycled Ritz cracker box.  I began this journal a few months back and never got beyond the cover.  I constructed the cover using suggestions by an art journalist in the UK... check out her blog at Jennibellie  She has a lot of really fun ideas.

This is a shot of the journal fanned out so you can see all the sea blue and golden colors.

My goal was to use Mary Ann's techniques and ideas to finish my travel journal for a trip I took with my kids and a group of friends in the summer of 2011.  In honor of my friend Derek's 50th birthday, we went on a cruise to Bermuda - there were 19 of us all together and it was a blast!!  

This is the first page of the first signature -
 I painted it with the colors of the houses we saw in Bermuda.  

The flowers were made using a plastic thread spool as a stamp - I thought is was an interesting shape.  The very left blue paper is a bag from the shop on the cruise ship which I used to line the inside of the cover.  The butterfly and flower illustration comes from an old Haiku book from the 1970's.

Page 2 and 3 of the first signature...

For this folio I used a photo of the Statue of Liberty from the 1940's, washi tape and an art card my friend made for me.  She gave it to me as we were sailing down the Hudson River past the statue.  I have left plenty of blank space to transfer my journal writing into the travel journal.

All for tonight my lovelies,

... more tomorrow


  1. Love your book. Spine lovely pink design. Great idea to do your own Bermuda trip. Look forward to seeing more.

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