Sunday, January 30, 2011

More 2010 Artwork

Here are two more bits of 2010 artwork from last weekend, when I was trying to actually finish a journal before starting another. Haven't really done that, but pretty darn close. I will visit 2010 Journal in the next few weeks and wrap up the loose ends... but I am moving on the 2011. I cannot believe that this month is already over, well almost :-) So far this year has been so much better and I am so pleased with that. Many things planned for the new year... wait and see!!

I love these two different tissue papers I discovered when doing the never-ending shuffle in the disorganized studio space. The words on the right are also tissue paper from starbucks - I love the font! I used masking tape down the middle and covered it with two shades pink paint - the cheap acrylic kind. I think it looks pretty cool - I may or may not go back and write on it, we'll see.

This one is for my little bout with mrsa and cellulitis this past November. I found a spider in my bed when I was shaking out the sheets one morning and within 24 hours I had this ugly,burning red, painful spot in my left arm pit area. Caught it quickly and didn't end up in the hospital this time!! Lots of drugs and a little office surgery and it was gone in about two weeks.

Now on to the To-Do List of new art things...
1 - Scan 2 of The Traveling Journals and get them ready for auction - the third one is still traveling.
2 - ATC's for Tammy's swap Word for the Year
3- February Tip-In swap at BAJ - Favorite Childhood Story
4 - Partnership Journal Swap with Victoria
and the big one - start organizing and coordinating the BHS Student Art Show in May - I am the lead this year. So, it's busy busy busy!!

All for today my lovelies,
ps - thanks for the lovely comments my friends - I appreciate your support!!


  1. These are so fun to look at. I do love the inspiration at places like Starbucks too. MRSA from a spider bite? wow that's really scary! love your textures and colors!

  2. Great idea - the spider web - such a dangerous illness and so anxiety producing. So glad, all are healthy now!