Sunday, January 23, 2011

An Artful Weekend

I am trying to finish up my 2010 art journal before I can get fully immersed in 2011 art. So with the kids gone for the weekend I have been hitting it hard!! Yesterday I was in my nightgown until about 6:30 pm. The only reason I even got in the shower or got dressed was to go play mexican train with my friends last night. Which, as always was soooooo fun... wine, laughter and plans for the new year :-))

This artwork started when I found the box of Glee gum (shown on the left page) and I thought perfect for my favorite show!! It's one of the things that my daughter and I both love - and that is rare. She babysits on Tuesday night, so when she gets home the first thing she asks is "did you watch Glee?" That show is so much fun and it makes me take a little trip down memory lane - songs always have such a strong imprint on the soul.

This is to record our traditional trip to visit my parents on Christmas Eve. I hope that there will be many more years of making this little trip!! We don't go over the river and through the woods... but it's pretty darn close. I found the vintage Christmas card and it triggered the whole travel idea.

Christmas Morning - before the kids leave me for the day. This year they were up at about 6 am to open their stockings. I lay in bed and listened to them for awhile before I got up at 6:30 to join them. As I lay there, I was tranported back in time to those same holiday mornings with my brother in the wee hours before the rest of the world woke up. It was such a sweet morning this year... because I know that they will both look back and feel the same emotions that I felt on this very special occasion. They are so close and I am reminded how much they love each other in these small, private moments - when no one is watching them.

I have more half finished pages to work on for the rest of the day and then I'll post them tomorrow. Then it's on to 2011.

Cherrio my lovelies, kso xoxoxoxo

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  1. Sounds like a perfect day, pjs, art, solitude, followed by friends and fun! Great pages!