Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekend Art

I have a thing for elephants and I saved this illustration from the book jacket for an old copy of The Jungle Book - so I saved it and this weekend I finally used it. When I looked at this art -later in the day -I thought that the spine from the book jacket on the right, with the leaves stamped on it kind of looked like a tree. I still need to write something on the pages, but I'm not sure what that will be right now - later it will come to me...

I found - in my stash - a little hand drawn Pokemon card that my son made years ago. I like to use these little art snippets from my children in my journal art. I can still remember him asking to use my special scissors to cut the edges of all his cards. He was so pleased with his little designs. I can't believe I still had this!! I know that when I look back at this journal art I will instantly recall my little boy and this moment.

The little "happy meal" tag will also remind me of my son - when he was six he told me when he grew up he would be a much better parent... because he would take his son to McDonald's everyday if he wanted. He was very mad at me because I wouldn't take him for another happy meal.

The little doll tag in the lower left corner is from my daughter - she loved her Barbie's and all that damn paraphernalia - always so many little tiny shoes. Worse than the Legos :-)

All for tonight my lovelies,

kso xoxoxoxo

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  1. This will be a fun book to alter! I love that your children are to be found within your art work. They are so important to us and a huge part of our lives. We moms worry about them no matter how old the become. You are such a beautiful being and fantastic mom.