Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Slightly Creative

I have been putzing around for the last few days - packaging and scanning things for my Etsy store, starting a new weight loss blog here and taking care of my sick baby. Yesterday I went for a walk and took these photos...

I walked to the bluff and looked out at the Puget Sound.
Working on creating a healthier body and self image.

Look at all those lovely boats waiting for sailing season to get here.

This was a really cool bunch of trees I saw on the way.

The kids will both be gone this weekend, so I plan on hiding out and making some serious art. No cooking or cleaning - just some dedicated ME time - can't wait :-))
All for tonight my lovelies,


  1. Enjoy your solitude, your walks, arting, and your journey.

  2. Have a delightful time for yourself. Solitude can be so soul refreshing.