Monday, January 3, 2011

Synchronicity at Work

It's funny what you notice when you become an art journalist who likes to collage. My birthday was back in October and right about that time I was on my way to the post office. When I am walking in the city, I find myself looking at the ground - a lot!!

I find the most interesting things and they usually end up on a page. I picked up this interesting little beat up King's Hardware matchbook cover - it's a local bar. It just caught my eye and I thought it looked so cool and distressed. Later that same week I ended up in King's Hardware for a spontaneous birthday celebration planned by my group of girlfriends. This art entry will be about my birthday and finding that matchbook cover - synchronicity at work!!

On another front, I began collecting vintage books a few months ago - the ones with the really cool graphics on the covers. I have been gutting them and saving them for a later project - planning on turning them into journals. This evening I began making the new interiors. I am making signatures of Strathmore drawing paper - they can then be used as sketch books, art journals or just plain writing journals. I am kind of excited about these babies!!

Oh, I also forgot to mention that my kids really went all out this year for my Christmas gift - they filled my stocking with goodies for the first time and they topped it off with a new camera!! Fabulouso... now I can take lovely photos of all my blog stuff :-))

All for tonight my lovelies

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  1. Yes, one eye on the ground and one through your camera viewfinder will provide diverse journaling material! Love the rays bursting outward!